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Plants are incredibly sensitive to changes in temperature. Changes of a single degree or two in ambient temperature can impact plant architecture, developmental processes, immune response, and plant reproduction. Temperature and Plant Development thoroughly explores plant molecular responses to changes in temperature with aim to understanding how plants perceive, integrate, and respond to temperature signals. Temperature and Plant Development explores the diverse molecular responses that plants exhibit as they face changing temperatures. Temperature-related changes and adaptations to essential developmental processes, such as germination, flowering, and reproduction, are explored in detail. Chapters also explore the impact of temperature on plant immune responses and the impact of rising temperatures on global food security. A timely and important book, Temperature and Plant Development will be a valuable resource for plant biologists, crop scientists, and advanced students. • Up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the role of temperature on plant development. • Looks at changes and adaptations to plant developmental processes made in response to changing temperatures. • Explores the role of temperature on plant immune response and pathogen defense • Provides a timely look at the impact of changing temperatures on global food security

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