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One of the top high school and language school series fully renewed. Light, humorous tone, various types of tasks, lessons fun and diverse, flexible curriculum, a large amount of accessories. The grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and skills development provides an excellent basis for perfect balance confident verbal language use. The book is intended for young adults, so the language school and secondary school students' attention immediately tie it fresh and interesting topics. Then it is easy to involve them in the exercise of different skills, pronunciation ongoing development of the Phonetic exercises to signs or writing skills framing. The new edition even more pronounced in the regular repetition of learned: At the end of each lesson there is a two-sided Revise & Check participated, of which turn out to be what you might have to look for that lesson once more. At the end of the book to the Grammar Bank, which provides two-page lessons, additional practice opportunities, and Vocabulary Bank, which are grouped around the topics of lessons, pictures, drawings, lavishly illustrated book about the material, self-help word learning.
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