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The occurrence of organic contaminants in the drinking water value chain (from source to tap) is a growing concern for the Drinking Water industry and its consumers given the high risk these contaminants can cause to the general public. These health concerns emphasize the need to select the relevant contaminants for monitoring in drinking water supplies. This book describes the methodology followed to develop such a tool. The purpose of this protocol is to define a process for the selection and prioritization of organic contaminants for monitoring in the drinking water value chain (from source to tap). The protocol is developed for the Drinking Water industry and other relevant industries such as agriculture and health. It operates as a multidisciplinary contaminants management and proactive tool, thus exchanges toxicological, water quality, agricultural, chemical and public health information. The protocol uses previous or readily available information as a point of departure. It seeks to address the challenge facing the water industry in managing the current and emerging organic contaminants that are relevant to public health protection via the use of drinking water.
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