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"Take two." In the film industry, that statement is made because the first take was not good enough. In the case of this book, it's the opposite. Marlene's first book, Morning Meditations, was so successful her second is now in your hands. A Daily Walk with God is filled with practical food for your soul that will spiritually sustain and equip you so that your first take on the decisions of your day will honor God. Marlene is a student of what an authentic walk with God should look like, and writes with helpful insight and clarity. You will be encouraged and motivated to live for the Lord each day as you enjoy the wisdom contained in these pages!--Dr. Donald A. Shirk, Senior PastorGrace Baptist Church, Batavia, New YorkYou are holding a great book that is written out of the rich experiences of Marlene Burling. She is not only a mother but is one who has served the Lord in many capacities. She has experienced the home-going of her beloved husband, Autry. Before this event, they served the Lord together as a pastor and wife for many years. Marlene Burling writes from the perspective that God's Word is our source of spiritual food as well as our compass for life. Reading the daily devotionals will both challenge and bless your spiritual liife. Take my word for it. You'll appreciate her insight and wisdom.--Michael J. Peck, DMinAuthor and Family Counselor (Retired), Baptist Church Planters, Grafton, OHThe perfect title for Marlene's new book, A Daily W...

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