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Disc 1: Images And Words: Live In Tokyo: Dream Theater's Riveting Live Performance Captured In Tokyo, Japan, During Their 1993 "Music In Progress" World Tour. Plus: Music Videos, Interviews, And Behind-The-Scenes Tour Footage And The Making Of The Images And Words Album. Includes: Live Performances: 1. Under A Glass Moon2. Wait For Sleep3. Surrounded4. Ytse Jam5. To Live Forever6. Take The Time7. Pull Me Under Video Clips 1. Pull Me Under2. Take The Time3. Another Day Disc 2: 5 Years In A Livetime A Collection Of Definitive Moments From Five Years In The Life Of Dream Theater From (1994- 1998). Includes: - Footage From The "Unplugged" Fan Club Show In Rotterdam, June 1998- Footage From The "Uncovered" Fan Club Show At Ronnie Scott's In London, January 1995- Live And Behind-The-Scenes Footage From The 1994/1995 "Waking Up The World" Tour And The 1997/1998 "Touring Into Infinity" World Tour- Dream Theater In The Studio During The "Awake" And "Falling Into Infinity" Sessions Music Videos: 1. Lie2. The Silent Man3. Hollow Years

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