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DVD 1 "LIVE IN GDANSK. CONCERT": 01. Castellorizon 02. On An Island 03. The Blue 04. Red Sky At Night 05. This Heaven 06. Then I Close My Eyes 07. Smile 08. Take A Breath 09. A Pocketful Of Stones 10. Where We Start 11. Astronomy Domine 12. High Hopes 13. Echoes 14. Great Day For Freedom 15. Comfortably Numb + Documentary (Gdansk Diary) + Via Internet (Bonus Content) DVD 2: Live At The Mermaid Theatre, London, March 2006 01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 02. Wearing The Inside Out 03. Comfortably Numb Live From The AOL Sessions, New York, April 200604. On An Island 05. High Hopes Live From Abbey Road, London, August 200606. The Blue 07. Take A Breath 08. Echoes (Acoustic) Recorded Live In The UK, January 200709. Barn Jam 16610. Barn Jam 19211. Barn Jam 121On An Island (Audio Only)12. Castellorizon 13. On An Island 14. The Blue 15. Take A Breath 16. Red Sky At Night 17. This Heaven 18. Then I Close My Eyes 19. Smile 20. A Pocketful Of Stones 21. Where We Start

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