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Disc 1: Images And Words: Live In Tokyo: Dream Theater's Riveting Live Performance Captured In Tokyo, Japan, During Their 1993 "Music In Progress" World Tour. Plus: Music Videos, Interviews, And Behind-The-Scenes Tour Footage And The Making Of The Images And Words Album. Includes: Live Performances: 1. Under A Glass Moon 2. Wait For Sleep 3. Surrounded 4. Ytse Jam 5. To Live Forever 6. Take The Time 7. Pull Me Under Video Clips 1. Pull Me Under 2. Take The Time 3. Another Day Disc 2: 5 Years In A Livetime A Collection Of Definitive Moments From Five Years In The Life Of Dream Theater From (1994- 1998). Includes: - Footage From The "Unplugged" Fan Club Show In Rotterdam, June 1998 - Footage From The "Uncovered" Fan Club Show At Ronnie Scott's In London, January 1995 - Live And Behind-The-Scenes Footage From The 1994/1995 "Waking Up The World" Tour And The 1997/1998 "Touring Into Infinity" World Tour - Dream Theater In The Studio During The "Awake" And "Falling Into Infinity" Sessions Music Videos: 1. Lie 2. The Silent Man 3. Hollow Years

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