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t2 pk lens mount ring adapter for pentax pk slr m42 x 0 75mm купить по лучшей цене

Feature 25mm f/1.4 C-Mount CCTV Movie Lens A manual focus, manual aperture compatible with most mirrorless digital cameras on the market. Widely Compatibility You can use the lens on Micro 4/3, NEX (APS-C), Fujifilm X-Pro, Nikon J1/J2/V1/V2/J3/V3, Canon EOS M, Pentax Q with different adapter, no vignette. Low Dispersion, Multicoated Optical Glass Helps minimize flare and outer-edge distortion for crystal-clear images. The attached tulip lens hood blocks light to prevent glare. 25mm Focal Length Helps you capture expanded areas or small spaces. F/1.4 Maximum Aperture Can deliver beautiful, bright photos and videos with softly out-of-focus backgrounds. Minimum Focusing Distance of 30cm For enhanced close-up shots. 6 Elements in 4 Groups Hybrid aspherical lens element for sharply defined images. Specification Mount C mount Focal Length 25mm Aperture F1.4-16 Elements/Group 6/4 Angle of View(AOV) 57.4° Aperture Blades 6 Minimum Focus Distance 300mm Front Thread Diameter 46mm Length 37.5mm Front Part Diameter 49mm Rear Part Diameter 39.5mm Focus & Aperture Manual Package Included 1 x C-Mount Lens, 1 x Front Lens Cap, 1 x Back Lens Cap, 1 x Storage Pouch Package Size 8L x 7W x 7H cm Weight 150g
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