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syringe style pp baby medicine given w measuring cup translucent white купить по лучшей цене

Advantages: Two-way type spraying medicine holes avoid sputtering baby; Cup can used as the medication cup; To get rid of the intravenous drip feeding device appearance of medicine let the baby no heart pressure; The lever type point let you medicine feed is not difficult. -Features: feed the baby the right amount of liquid; Additional stand of cover keep clean; Stand of cover with scale can be used to melt drugs have capacity scale display convenient observation liquid volume; Can also be used to feed the fruit juice and tea; Can use hot water washing also can use alcohol disinfection; Flat mouth cylinder type design in line with the infant oral structure can reduce infant feeding the medicine; More convenient. -Application method: One should be disinfected before each use of medicines and clean my hands; Evenly dispatch liquid pour into cups of cover the whole into the cups of cover will feed the medicine and the measuring cup lid closed again the potion of suction feeding tube the cover cup will not remain any liquid medicine; Gently squeeze the tube the liquid will be down on both sides of the nozzle slowly into the esophagus baby never chokes feeding extract feeding device. -Washing Mode: wash. -Notes: Please put powder or liquid mixing in the lid; Lid to tilt slightly to thrust rod suck out potion; With the new purchase medicines please boil disinfection please clean after use in order to maintain the health of the baby supplies clean; Please according to the doctor ordered take medicine on time.
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