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Standing on the beach, feeling the breeze in my hair, completely heartbroken, I decided to never love again. The pain was so deep I couldn’t bear the thought of being hurt again. Don was my one true love; however, he broke our engagement along with my heart.I never expected the perfect man to enter my life so soon. I desperately tried to avoid him by running away. Jack was old-fashioned and spoke from his heart. His family was wonderful and caring, I was intrigued by all of this; however, still very skeptical.Jack always said and did the right things and appeared to be sincere. He was raised with morals and high standards. I wasn’t trying to play hard to get. I was so scared to give in to love.In spite of others warning me to be careful of Jack, I gave in and let my guard down. Eventually I found myself falling for what I thought was the man of my dreams.I remember my mother telling me, “If it sounds too good to be true, it mostly likely isn’t.”I blocked my mother’s words and fell head over heels in love with Jack.Hindsight is a great word we all live one time or another.

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