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sunflowervdp 2 call buttons intercom for the house video door phone for 2 apartments floors videophone with home wire video call купить по лучшей цене

Note to Readers: This book has been superseded by Video Encoding by the Numbers (2017) and Producing Streaming Media for Multiple Screen Delivery 2013, both also by Jan Ozer The only reason to buy this book is if you need it for a specific class or other reason. Otherwise, Video Encoding by the Numbers is probably the right book for you.  Video Compression for Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5 is a professional reference for producers seeking to distribute video over the Internet and to mobile devices—particularly Apple iDevices. In this book, you will learn: * The fundamentals of video streaming and compression, including adaptive streaming * H.264 encoding parameters for a range of streaming encoders, including Apple Compressor, Adobe Media Encoder, Sorenson Squeeze, Telestream Episode Pro and Rhozet Carbon Coder * The resolutions and data rates used by prominent US and European media, B2B and B2C sites, so you can configure your streaming video accordingly * How to encode for iTunes distribution to iDevices from iPods to the iPad 2 * How to encode for Android, webOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 devices * The critical differences between the key adaptive streaming technologies—including HTTP Live Streaming, Dynamic Streaming and Smooth Streaming;and how to encode for distribution via these techniques * How to choose a UGC site for distributing your video, and how to upload and embed video into your website * The key alternatives for producing live streaming video, an...

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