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Food diversity in India is an implicit characteristic of India’s diversified culture consisting of different regions and states within. Liberalization of the Indian economy in the early 1990s and the subsequent entry of new players set a significant change in lifestyles and the food tastes of Indians. Convenience food is a concept that is prevalent in the developed world since long, while its inception into the Indian market has been recent. With the changing socio-economic pattern of life and the increasing number of working couples, the concept is fast becoming popular in Indian market.This book highlights the consumer buying behaviour with special reference to packaged food. This research has brought a step forward in measuring the preference of packaged food on the basis of demographic, psychographic, attitude, food perception, and consumer involvement in food products. It has been realized from the past studies about the stupendous effects of food not only on purchasing pattern but also on the lifestyle of the consumers. This research has much to contribute since the preference varies among the consumers about packaged food, therefore, it would be interesting to examin.

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