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Содержание:01. Caroline02. Down Down03. Paper Plane04. Big Fat Mama05. Roll Over Lay Down06. Don't Waste My Time07. Little Lady08. Mystery Song09. Rain10. Break The Rules11. Somethin 'Bout You Baby I Like12. Hold You Back13. Rockin' All Over The World14. Whatever You Want15. Don't Drive My Car16. Again And Again17. Forty Five Hundred Times18. All Stand Up19. Jam Side Down20. Creepin' Up On You21. Pictures Of Matchstick Men22. In My Chair23. Gerdundula24. Wild Side Of Life25. Rock n' Roll26. What You're Proposin'27. Ol' Rag Blues28. The Wanderer29. Livin On An Island30. Runaway31. A Mess Of Blues32. Marguerita Time33. Rollin' Home34. In The Army Now35. When You Walk In The Room36. Burning Bridges37. Fun Fun Fun38. Old Time Rock and Roll39. Anniversary Waltz Part 1 (Medley) 40. Anniversary Waltz Part 2 (Medley)

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