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Thesis (M.A.) from the year 2013 in the subject Electrotechnology, Warsaw University of Technology (Electrical Engineering), language: English, abstract: 3-Phase induction motors are widely used as a source of mechanical power for effective operation and low costs. The abnormalities have to be detected in advance to avoid the motor breakdown and the cost associated restrain of plant production. This work discusses current and flux leakage spectral analysis techniques for the diagnosis of broken rotor bars and shortcircuited turns in induction motor fed from different AC sources. In spite of recent development of various types of models toward motor faults diagnosis and examining different problems associated with 3-phase induction motors the signal spectral analysis is considered as one of most important approaches. Most of the models from simple equivalent circuit to more complex d-q and a-b-c models and lastly developed hybrid models are provided for the integration of different forms of current and/or voltage unbalance. Generally, techniques that relate to asymmetry identify asymmetrical motor faults.Frequency converters in many applications feed induction motors. Such applications, which play a major role in industry, are growing at a high rate, allow to use 3-phase induction motor as variable speed applications. This paper proposes application of spectral signature analysis for the detection and diagnosis of abnormal electrical and mechanical conditions, which indicates ...
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