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ssd1306 0 96 inches 128x64 blue oled screen display board module купить по лучшей цене

video 0.96" 128 x 64 White OLED Display Module for Arduino OLED display with backlight function, you can read the data on the display clearly. Arduino OLED display has 128 x 64 pixels, high resolution, and clear image. 3-5V wide voltage range and 0.06W power consumption. The OLED display module can be widely used in smart watch, car camera, MP3, smartphone and medical equipment etc. Note: If you decide to buy OLED display, you must confirm that you can make it work by yourself, we'll haven't any technology support except all the datasheet. Thanks for your understanding and support. Specifications Name OLED Display Visual Angle >160° Pixels 128 x 64 Input Voltage 3V-5V Compatible I/O Level 3.3V, 5V Drive IC SSD1306 Pins GND: Power goundVCC: 2.2V-5.5VSCL: CLK clock (high level 2.2V-5.5V)SDA: MOSI data (high level 2.2V-5.5V)RST: Reset (high level 2.2V-5.5V)D/C: Data/command (high level 2.2V-5.5V) Product Weight 20g Package Weight 30g Panel Size 29 x 27.38mm Active Area Size 25 x 23.49mm Package Size (L x W x H) 35 x 30 x 10mm Package Contents 1 x 0.96" White SPI OLED Display Module
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