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An Unabridged, Digitally Enlarged Printing Of Both Lectures To Include Updated Typeface: Spirit And Matter - The Higher Mode Of Intelligence Controls The Lower - The Unity Of The Spirit - Subjective And Objective Mind - Further Considerations Regarding Subjective And Objective Mind - The Law Of Growth - Receptivity - Reciprocal Action Of The Universal And Individual Minds - Causes And Conditions - Intuition - Healing - The Will - In Touch With Subconscious Mind - The Body - The Soul - The Spirit - Entering Into The Spirit Of It - Individuality - The New Thought And The New Order - The Life Of The Spirit - Alpha And Omega - The Creative Power Of Thought - The Great Affirmative - Christ The Fulfilling Of The Law - The Story Of Eden - The Worship Of Ishi - The Shepherd And The Stone - Salvation Is Of The Jews
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