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Directed by Dave Grohl, this 8 part series is devoted to different American musical landmarks, chronicling thehistories, cultures, environments-and of course the human beings-that define each city's unique musicalidentity. Sonic Highways features appearances from the local legends who have become the musical andcultural ambassadors of those cities including Buddy Guy, Joe Walsh, Dolly Parton, Rick Nielsen, Bad Brains,Chuck D. Gibby Haynes, Allen Toussaint, Carrie Underwood, and a host of others.Described as a love letter to the history of American music, Foo Fighters, along wit hproducer Butch Vig,based themselves at a legendary studio integral to the unique history and character of each of these greatAmerican musical capitals.One song was recorded in each city as the band delved hard into the local musical currents: discovering howeach region shaped these musicians in their formative years and, in turn, the impact those people had on thecultural fabric of their hometowns.Содержание: 01. Chicago02. Washington, D.C. 03. Nashville04. Austin05. Los Angeles 06. New Orleans07. Seattle 08. New York City

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