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Emotional image therapy (EIT) is a new method of psychotherapy, belonging to its psychodynamic direction. This method addresses any chronic negative emotional states underlying the psychological or psychosomatic problems of the individual. The means of analyzing the causes of these states are images of these states spontaneously represented by the client. And the means of their correction are emotional and semantic influences (about 30 methods) that the client himself implements in relation to these images. This allows surprisingly quickly solve many psychological and psychosomatic problems. Among them are phobias, anxieties, emotional dependencies, psychosomatic pains, allergies, asthma, neurodermatitis, thyroid gland diseases and much more. The author of the emotional image therapy, Professor of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis Nikolay Linde, provides a theoretical basis of EIT and methods of practical work. The book contains numerous examples (153) from the author's personal practice, in which readers can find analogies with problems from their own lives or those of their acquaintances or clients. A set of imaginative exercises developed by the author allows to expand our ideas about ourselves and the laws of psychology. The book also provides a dictionary of interpretations of images of fantasies, or dreams of clients. This book is intended for psychologists-practitioners, psychotherapists, students of psychological and medical universities. But it can also be useful to all people who are interested in practical psychology and the possibilities of providing psychological help to themselves and others.
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