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The Polar Soft strap is the most comfortable chest strap for heart rate measurement. The smart fusion of soft fabrics and adaptive electrodes make it extremely sensitive to your heart’s electrical signals, so the heart rate sensor can pick up your heart rate quicker and more accurately. Adjustable Strap The elastic strap can be attached to your body closely. High Sccuracy Adaptive electrodes are sensitive to your heart's electrical signals. Support Sports Suitable for Polar, Wahoo, for Garmin products. CompatibilityCompatible with a variety of ANT+, Bluetooth 4.0, 5.3K receiving heart rate equipment. Note This item is a chest strap ONLY; the heart rate monitor in the picture is NOT included. Specifications Name Bluetooth 4.0 Heartrate Belt Bluetooth 4.0 Strap Length 1M Main Material Nylon Spacing Between Holes 45mm Color Black, gray Product Weight 31g
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