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THIS FOOD THERMOMETER IS WIDESPREAD USED ALL ONVER THE WORLD... Description: The thermometer is remote control, you will know the temperature of your food far away from your food You can set temperature and time, when it reaches the temperature you set, it will buzz, let you know that your meat is cooked Control the temperature of your meat, keep the meat in the best temperature, make it taste better Used at outdoor BBQ, oven, cooking, smoker, roasting, frying, baking and so on 8 Meat Type Selectable(Beef ,Veal,Lamb,Hamburger,Pork,Turkey,Chicken,Fish.) Specification: Material: Plastic Size: Showed in the picture Power By: 2 x 2 AAA(not included) Temperature Range: 0-250 Degree Transmission distance: 20-30 meter C/F temperature display are available Package Includes: 1 x Wireless Food Thermometer 1 x English Instruction This wireless thermometer has got many positive feedbacks,SO NOW why not have a try BBQ, Roasting, Baking, Smoker, Frying, Microwave, Oven are all OK Transmission distance: 20-30 meter/78.7-118.1Inch Temperature Range: 0C -250 C/32F-482F Produc Display
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