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Video No longer carry the keys when you leave your house! With this Smart Wall Mount Key Box, you can trustingly put your keys at the door. This is not a common key box. It supports combination lock. By using the correct password, you can open the key box to fetch your keys. Made of zinc alloy, it ensures high strength, solid structure and good hardness, durable enough to against any violent damage. Really a safe and reliable box. Features 10-digit combination lock to ensure security. Enables access for the selected few. Stores up to 2 keys less then 70mm for house, car or padlock. Easy and convenient to fit with the supplied fixings. Strong zinc alloy body resists hammering and sawing. With rust proof and waterproof cover, suitable for outdoor use. Ideal for storing keys, money and other small items securely. Usage Keep all your spare keys safe and secure with this key storage You can safely leave keys for children to get in after school For an elderly family member you need to visit on a regular basis, or for just storing keys safely just in case you lose them on your travels. Enables the safe storage of house keys or even cash. Attention 1. Please set your own code before use as the device leaves the factory with no preset code. 2. Please read the operating instructions carefully before you operate the lock or try to set a new combination of numbers. 3. Suggest set maximum 4 numbers for high security. Specifications Material Zinc Alloy Product Weight 700g Product Size 105L x 65W x 55H mm(External), 70L x 40W x 25H mm(Internal) Package Content 1 x Wall Mount Key Storage Lock, 1x Weatherproof / Dust-proof Cover, 1 x Pack of Fixing Screws, 1 x User Manual
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