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“Ideal Breakfast Dishes, Savouries and Curries” is a classic cookbook by Charles Herman Senn focusing on breakfast dishes.Thinking of what to have for breakfast can often be a chore, and most of us follow a strict pattern when it comes to having our first meal of the day. This volume aims to provide the reader with a plethora of interesting and delicious ideas for breakfast, presented as simple instructions with expert tips. Perfect for those looking for some culinary variety.Contents include: “The Breakfast Problem”, “Suggestions for Breakfast Menus”, “Breakfast Dishes”, “The Breakfast Bacon”, “Bacon Toast”, “Breakfast Grill”, “Mixed Grill”, “Fried Hominy Cakes”, “Fried Soles”, “Bakes Sprats”, “Whiting au Gratin”, “Fish Pudding with Rice”, “Fish Omelet”, “Fish Kedgeree”, “Sardines a l'Indienne”, etc.Charles Herman Senn (1862 – 1934) was a German writer of cook books. He wrote profusely on the subject, producing cook books for all manner of people and situations, but was particularly well-known for his vegetarian and confectionery recipes. Other notable works by this author include: “Breakfast and Supper Dishes” (1898), “A book of Salads: The Art of Salad Dressing” (1922), and “British Red Cross Society Cookery Manual” (1915).The Vintage Cookery Books series hopes to bring old wisdom and classic techniques back to life, as we have so much to learn from 'the old ways' of cooking. Not only can these books provide a fascinating window into past societies, cultures an...
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