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Содержание: CD 1: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsLorin Maazel The Cleveland YearsComplete Recordings with The Cleveland OrchestraClaude Debussy La Mer01. I De I'aube a midi sur la mer 02. II. Jeux de vagues 03. III. Dialogue du vent et de la merNocturnes04. I. Nuages 05. II. Fetes 06. III. SirenesLadies of The Cleveland Orchestra ChorusIberia (Images pour orchestre) 07. I. Par les rues et par les chemins08. II. Les Parfums de la nuit09. III. Le Matin d'un jour de feteCD 2: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsMaurice Ravel Daphnis et ChloeBallet en trois partiesPremiere Partie - Part One - I.Teil 01. Introduction et Danse religieuse02. Danse generate03. Danse grotesque de Dorcon - Scene04. Danse legere et gracieuse de Daphnis 05. Scene - Danse de Lyceion - Scene 06. Scene - Danse lente et mysterieuse des NymphesDeuxieme Partie - Part Two - 2.Teil 07. Introduction08. Danse guerriere09. Scene - Danse suppliante de ChloeTroisieme Partie - Part Three - 2.TeilLever du jour - SceneDaphnis et Chloe miment I'aventure de Pan et SyrinxDanse generale (Bacchanale) The Cleveland Orchestra ChorusClaude Debussy 10. Jeux (Poeme danse) CD 3: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsOttorino Respighi Feste romane01. I. Circenses 02. II. llgiubileo 03. III. L'Ottobrata 04. IV. La Befana Pini di Roma05. I. I pini di Villa Borghese 06. II. Pini presso una catacomba 07. III. I pini del Gianicolo 08. IV. I pini della Via Appia Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov The Golden Cockerel - Suite09. I. King Dodon in his Palace10. II. King Dodon on the Battlefield11. III. King Dodon with Queen Chimaka12. IV. Marriage Feast and Lamentable End of King DodonCD 4: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsSergei Prokofiev Symphony No.5 in В flat major, op.10001. I. Andante 02. II. Allegro marcato 03. III. Adagio 04. IV. Allegro giocoso Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov 05. Russian Easter Festival Overture, op.36 Capriccio espagnol, op.3406. I. Alborada 07. II. Variazioni 08. III. Alborada 09. IV. Scena e canto gitano 10. V. Fandango asturianoCD 5: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsMikhail Glinka Ruslan and Lyudmila01. Overture Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov ScheherazadeSymphonic suite after A Thousand and One Nights, op.3502. I. The Sea and Sinbad's Ship 03. II. The Story of the Kalendar Prince 04. III. The Young Prince and the Young Princess 05. IV. Festival at Baghdad -The Sea - The Shipwreck Against a Rock Surmounted by a Bronze Warrior Daniel Majeske Alexander Scriabin 06. The Poem of Ecstasy, op.54 CD 6: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsHector Berlioz Requiem (Grande Messe des morts), op.501. I. Requiem - Kyrie02. II. Dies irae -Tuba mirum03. Quid sum miser04. Rex tremendae05. Quaerens me06. Lacrymosa07. III. Domine Jesu Christe08. HostiasCD 7: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete Recordings01. IV. Sanctus02. V. Agnus DeiKenneth Riegel The Cleveland Orchestra ChorusHarold en ItalieSymphonie en quatre parties, op.1603. I. Harold aux montagnes (Adagio - Allegro) 04. II. Marche des pelerins (Allegretto) 05. III. Serenade (Allegro assai-Allegretto) 06. IV. Orgie des brigands (Allegro frenetico - Adagio - Allegro, Tempo I) Robert Vernon CD 8: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsGeorges Bizet L'Arlesienne - Suite No.101.I.Prelude02. II. Minuetto03. III. Adagietto04. VI. CarillonL'Arlesienne - Suite No 205. I. Pastorale06. II. Intermezzo07. III. Menuet08. VI. FarandoleJeux d'enfantsPetite Suite for orchestra, op.2209. I. Marche: Trompette et Tambour10. II. Berceuse: La Poupee11. III. Impromptu: LaToupie12. VI. Duo: Petit Mari, Petite Femme13. V. Galop: Le BalCesar Franck Symphony in D minor14. i. Lento - Allegro ma non troppo - Allegro 15. ii. Allegretto 16. iii. Allegro non troppoCD 9: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsSergei Prokofiev 01.Introduction - EinleitungRomeo and Juliet, op 64 Act One - Acte un - Erster Akt Scene 1 - Premier Tableau - 1. Bild02. Romeo 03. The Street Wakens - Morning Dance 04. The Quarrel 05. The Fight 06. The Duke's Command - Interlude Scene 2 ¦ Second Tableau - 2. Bild07. At the Capulets' (Preparations for the Ball) 08. The Young Juliet09. Arrival of the Guests10. Masks11. Dance of the Knights12. Juliet's Variation13. Mercutio14. Madrigal15. Tybalt Recognises Romeo16. The Departure of the Guests (Gavotte) 17. Balcony Scene - Romeo's Variation - Love DanceCD 10: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsScene 2 - Second Tableau - 2. Bild01. Romeo at Friar Laurence's02. Juliet at Friar Laurence'sScene 3 TroisiemeTableau - 3. Bild03. Public Merrymaking - Further Public Festivities04. Meeting of Tybalt and Mercutio - Duel - Death of Mercutio05. Romeo Decides to Avenge Mercutio - FinaleAct Three • Acte trois ¦ Dritter Akt Scene 1 - Premier Tableau - 1. Bild06. Introduction - Romeo and Juliet07. Romeo Bids Juliet Farewell08. Nurse09. Juliet Refuses to Marry Paris10. Juliet Alone - InterludeScene 2 - Second Tableau - 2. Bild11. At Friar Laurence's Cell - InterludeScene 3 - Troisieme Tableau - 3. Bild12. Juliet's Room13. Juliet Alone14. Aubade15. Dance of the Girls with Lilies16. At Juliet's BedsideAct Four (Epilogue) - Acte quatre (Epilogue) 17. Juliet's Funeral - Juliet's DeathCD 11: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsGeorge Gershwin Porgy and Bess Act One - Acte un - Erster Akt Scene 1 - Premier Tableau - 1. Bild01. Introduction - Jasbo Brown Blues 02. Summertime ... Oh, nobody knows when the Lawd is goin' to call ... I been sweatin' all day 03. A woman is a sometime thing 04. Here come de honey man ... Here's the ol' crap shark05. They pass by singin' ... Here comes Big Boy! ... Don't you ever let a woman grieve you 06. Oh, little stars ... Touch that money an' meet yo' Gawd! 07. Wake up an'hit it out! ... That you, Sportin'Life? Scene 2 - Second Tableau - 2. Bild08. Gone, gone, gone 09. Overflow, overflow ... Gawd got plenty of money for de saucer10. Urn! A saucer-burial setup, I see11. My man's gone now ... How de saucer stan' now, my sister? 12. Headin' for the Promis' Lan' Bess, all CD 12: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsAct TwoScene 1 - Premier Tableau - 1. Bild01. It takes a long pull to get there 02. Oh, I got plenty o' nuttin' ... Lissen there, what I tells you 03. I hates yo' struttin' style ... Mornin, Lawyer, lookin' for somebody? ... Dey's a Buckra comin' 04. Buzzard Song ... Lo, Bess, goin' to a picnic? 05. Bess, you is my woman now Porgy, Bess 06. Oh, I can't sit down Scene 2 - Second Tableau - 2. Bild07. I ain't got no shame All08. It ain't necessarily so ... Shame on all you sinners ... Bess! ... Crown! 09. Oh ... What you want wid Bess? Scene 3 Troisieme Tableau • 3. Bild 10. Honey, dat's all de breakfast I got time for ... Take yo' han's off me, I say11. Oh, Doctor Jesus12. Oh dey's so fresh an' fine ... I'm talkin' about devil crabs 13. Porgy, Porgy, datyou there Bess, Porgy 14. I loves you, Porgy Bess, Porgy 15. Why you been out on that wharf? CD 13: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsScene 4 - QuatriemeTableau - 4. Bild01. Oh, Doctor Jesus, look down on me wit'pity 02. Oh, de Lawd shake de Heavens ... One of dese mornings you goin' to rise up singing 03. Oh dere's somebody knockin' at de do' ... You is a nice parcel of Christians ... If Gawd want to kill me ... Oh, de Lawd shake de Heavens 04. A red-headed woman ... Jake's boat in de river ... Oh, Doctor Jesus Act Three - Acte trois - Dritter Akt Scene 1 - Premier Tableau - 1. Bild05. Clara, Clara, don't you be downhearted ...Crown, Crown, don't you be downhearted ... Summertime 06. Interlude (Death of Crown) Scene 2 - Second Tableau - 2. Bild07. Wait for us at the corner, A! ... What is your name? 08. You've got to go, Porgy ... Oh Gawd! They goin'to make him look There's a boat dat's leavin' Scene 3 Troisieme Tableau - 3. Bild09. Introduction 10. Good mornin', sistuh ... Thank Gawd I's home again! 11. Dem white folks sure ain' put nuthin' 12. Oh, Bess, oh where's my Bess 13. Bess is gone 14. Oh Lawd, I'm on my way Willard White Leona Mitchell McHenry Boatwright Florence Quivar Barbara HendricksBarbara Conrad Arthur ThompsonFrancois Clemmons James Vincent Pickens Samuel HaganWilliam Brown Christopher DeaneAlpha Floyd Isola JonesJohn BuckRobert Snook Ralph Nealley Alan Leatherman Donald ZuccaJoela Jones The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus CD 14: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsGeorge Gershwin 01. An American in Paris 02. Cuban Overture 03. Rhapsody in Blue arr. Ferde Grofe Ivan Davis Cesar Franck 04. Variations symphoniques Pascal Roge CD 15: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsJohannes Brahms Symphony No.1 in С minor, op.6801. I. Un poco sostenuto - Allegro - Meno allegro 02. II. Andante sostenuto 03. III. Un poco allegretto e grazioso04. IV. Adagio - Piu andante - Allegro non troppo, ma con brio - Piu allegro 05. Academic Festival Overture, op.80 06. Tragic Overture, op.81 CD 16: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsSymphony No.2 in D major, op.7301. I. Allegro non troppo 02. II. Adagio non troppo - Listesso tempo, ma grazioso 03. III. Allegretto grazioso (quasi andantino) - Presto ma non assai 04. IV. Allegro con spirito Symphony No.3 in F major, op.9005. I. Allegro con brio - Un poco sostenuto -Tempo I06. II. Andante 07. III. Poco allegretto 08. IV. AllegroCD 17: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsSymphony No.4 in E minor, op.9801. I. Allegro non troppo 02. II. Andante moderato03. III. Allegro giocoso - Poco meno presto -Tempo I 04. IV. Allegro energico e passionato - Piu allegroVariations on aTheme by Haydn, "Chorale St Antoni", op.56a05. Theme: "Chorale St Antoni"06. Variation I: Poco piu animato Variation 07. II: Piu vivace Variation 08. III: Con moto Variation 09. IV: Andante con moto Variation 10. V: Vivace Variation 11. VI: Vivace Variation 12. VII: Grazioso Variation 13. VIII: Presto non troppo 14. Finale: AndanteCD 18: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsGiuseppe Verdi 01. Don Carlo - Ballo della regina (Act Three) 02. Otello - Ballet Music (Act Three) I vespri siciliani - Le quattro stagioni (Act Three) 03. I. Linverno04. II. La primavera05. iii. Lestate06. V. Lautunno07. La forza del destino - Overture (Sinfonia) Ludwig van Beethoven 08. Die Geschopfe des Prometheus, op.43 - OvertureHector Berlioz 09. Overture "Le Carnaval romain" op.9CD 19: Lorin Maazel. The Cleveland Years Complete RecordingsEdward Elgar Cello Concerto in E minor, op.8501. l. Adagio - Moderate02. II. Lento - Allegro molto03. III. Adagio04. IV. AllegroPyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 05. Variations on a Rococo Theme, op.33Moderate assai quasi andanteTema: Moderate sempliceVariation I: Tempo del temaVariation II: Tempo del temaVariation III: Andante sostenutoVariation IV: Andante graziosoVariation V: Allegro moderateVariation VI: AndanteVariation VII and Coda: Allegro vivoPezzo capriccioso, op.62Lynn Harrell Gioachino Rossini 06. La gazza ladra - Overture
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