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Camera equipment are very heavy and It is not easy to carry them when travelling. TONBA 9882 Luggage Travel Suitcase will help you solve the problem. It can hold a lot of equipment, such as holding 3pcs cameras, 9-10 lenses, 1 flash, 14 inch laptop and other accessories. Aluminum Alloy Drawbars Drawbar is made of aluminum alloy, wear resistant and durable to use. 360 ° Spinner Wheels PP material for wheels, highly elastic, shockproof, durable, noiseless. Large Capacity Multi pockets design, put the tripod or monopod in the front pocket. There are many pockets inside of the suitcase. You can carry everything into this suitcase. Removable Inner Bag Put your cameras, laptop and other accessories into the inner bag. with Rain Cover With one rain cover, waterproof and dust-proof, need not worry about your equipment being wet. Specifications Brand TONBA Model 9882 Name Travel Suitcase / Camera Bag Fabric 1600D Waterproof Nylon Rain Cover Yes Capacity 3 Cameras, 9-10 Lens, 1 Flash, 14 inch Laptop and Other Accessories Inner Bag Outer Size (L x W x H) 37 x 21 x 51cm Suitcase Inner Size(L x W x H) 40 x 23 x 50cm Suitcase Outer Size(L x W x H) 43 x 33 x 65cm Package Content 1 x TONBA Travel Suitcase, 1 x Removable Inner Bag, 1 x Rain Cover
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