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DRA818U is a type of UHF band wireless audio module based on RFIC RDA1846. It has the same pin sequence and dimensions as DRA808M module so users can replace the DRA808M with it directly. Comparing to DRA808M module DRA818U are added with CDCSS function except CTCSS and AT command-SETFILTER which users can use it to turn on/off Pre-emphasis/De-emphasis funciton high pass filter and low pass filter. It integrates high speed microcontroller high performance wireless transceiver IC high power PA audio process and squelching circuits. The DRA818U module provides two power levels (0.5W and 1W) for selection. It has standard UART interface with which users can easily configure appropriate parameters for different applications. Users can easily construct a walkie-talkie system by connecting external microphone audio PA and speaker.
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