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Praise for The Nonprofit Organizational Culture Guide «This is an important book for consultants and managers who work with nonprofit organizations. The Nonprofit Organizational Culture Guide lays out basic theory about how nonprofits come to be and how they operate, and it demonstrates how important the concept of culture is to understanding this important sector of our society.» —Edgar H. Schein, professor of management, emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management «This book is a must-read for nonprofit executives! The authors spell out the themes, beliefs, and assumptions that are unique to nonprofits, regardless of their size or mission, ultimately revealing how 'culture' manifests itself in organizations.» —Darryl A. Jones, Sr., CEO, Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations «This is the book that the nonprofit community has needed for a long time. The authors provide a compelling assessment tool that all organizations can use. This book is essential to understanding how nonprofits work and why they do, or do not, achieve the outcomes and missions they set for themselves.»—Flo Green, vice president, IdeaEncore Network «Anyone who works in a group and relies on others to get things done will benefit from this book. Readers will discover how the environment of an organization influences how decisions are made and, ultimately, how things get done.» —Natalie Abatemarco, director of North America community programs, Citigroup, Inc. «Every organization has culture, recognized or not. And that culture plays a powerful role in shaping the way people act within that context. The insights, frameworks, and tools in this book will help people become more astute within their organizational cultures.» —Brian Fraser, lead provocateur, Organization Jazzthink
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