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When Ryan Mason commits the worst sin a man can possibly execute, Matt Vendela finally realizes that all of the years he has entrusted Ryan with his life may have been his greatest downfall. Ryan, the larger-than-life figure who fits into any circumstance, cannot seem to keep himself out of petty mischief. Although his two loyal friends, Matt and Joe, sometimes seem hesitant to help Ryan through his struggles, they reluctantly do so until one night when Ryan upgrades his small, irresponsible follies into something unimaginable. With blood on his hands, Ryan seeks the expected guidance from his two best friends, but now nothing is the same. Joe refuses to follow Ryan's temptation, but Matt isn't able to let go so easy. With the death of Matt's parents, Ryan is one of the only people he has left to lean on. When the three split, Matt is forced to side with either Joe or Ryan. Joe's advice may sound the best for his sake, but Matt has never done things just for himself. Watching his companion plummet may not only spell the end for Ryan, but for Matt's fate as well. Matt is now left at the ultimate crossroads of his life. Does he remain true to his best friend, or does he finally let him fall?

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