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Yes Logo: 40 Years of Branding, Design & Communication by Michael Peters chronicles the story of Michael Peters, one of Britain's most significant design luminaries. Peters began his venture into graphic design at London College of Printing, continuing his studies abroad at Yale, where he was tutored by such greats as Paul Rand, Herbert Matter and Alexej Brodovitch; he was also fortunate to work as an assistant to Bauhaus legend, Josef Albers. Peters then worked at CBS in New York, which was at the time a mecca for the creative marketing profession. He returned to London and set up Klein Peters Ltd with Lou Klein in 1968, followed by his own company, Michael Peters & Partners in 1970. More recently, Peters has formed Identica, a branding and creative consultancy with clients such as Vodafone, Nike and Universal Studios. Throughout his career Peters has worked on successful campaigns, ranging from Bird's Eye food products to Penhaligon's perfume. His philanthropic and forward thinking philosophy is celebrated by the Royal College of Art award in Peters' name. This attitude has put him firmly at the forefront of the British design renaissance, together with key figures such as Sir Terence Conran, Rodney Fitch and Wally Olins. Still actively lecturing in the field of graphics, Michael Peters is an inextricable component of the history of commercial design.
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