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Carole Mortimer is one of Mills & Boon’s best loved Modern Romance authors. With nearly 200 books published and a career spanning 35 years, Mills & Boon are thrilled to present her complete works available to download for the very first time! Rediscover old favourites – and find new ones! – in this fabulous collection…A most intimate meeting…With less than a week to go before her wedding day, Caitlin’s life is running smoothly. Until a chance encounter with devastatingly sexy Rogan McCord turns her world upside down. His outrageous flirting certainly shouldn’t leave her tingling with anticipation…But when her car breaks down and she’s stranded, Caitlin tells herself that accepting Rogan’s offer of a lift home is completely innocent. Accepting his kiss on her doorstep? Not so innocent! Now Caitlin must decide if her desire for Rogan is worth exploring…!

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