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The book illustrates the distinctive nature, definitions and aims of Dalit autobiography. It documents how Dalit autobiographies are used as a stratagem. Chapter two sheds light on the nature and functioning of the caste system in Indian society. It presents discussion of the critical and assertive nature of Dalit literature, the common features of the life and Dalits` place in the caste hierarchy. It also reveals the Dalit autobiographer as the representative of the Dalit community; Moon and Malagatti are found challenging the existing traditional and discriminatory social norms. It exposes the caste Hindus, however highly and well educated, cannot tolerate emerging Dalits to get liberated and come up in life. Thus this chapter reflects the changing society of Dalits. Chapter three records the overall decisive life stories of Moon and Malagatti in three different sections. Chapter four provides insights into the genre of Dalit autobiography and its distinctive characteristic features. Its narrative mode is typical of the changing Dalit life as portrayed in Growing up Untouchable in India and Government Brahmana. The thesis reveals how Dalits are struggling against all odds.
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