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The present work is unique in its nature and spirit of encompassing Dalit identity, literature and movements and compiling all the necessity requisites of Dalit antiquity, making the authors argument solid and building an alternative hegemony to the dominant one especially in the Indian history. The author tries to theorize Dalit literatures, movements and tries to build an all Indian Dalit-identity through a separate Dalit epistemology and alternative world view, in terms of separate Dalit culture(Dravidian), civilization(Indus), philosophy(Lokayat-Charvak-Buddhist) literature (protest literature) and an inclusive identity all through the Indian history, which includes all oppressed. The book more or less wants to emphasize the discourse on ‘Dalit’ as a ‘concept’ Dalit as a ‘condition’ and Dalit as ‘category’. The writer intend to highlight in his argument, which runs through the book by different chapters, that claims ‘Dalit as an inclusive and encompassing category very much similar to the Dalit panthers Definition’. Dalit as an autonomous category which has its own characteristics, the ‘Dalit world’ is within itself, which deconstruct the dominant-Brahminic-bourgeois history.

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