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Издание содержит 110-страничный буклет с фотографиями, текстами композиций и дооплнительной информацией на английском и испанском языках. Содержание: Sister Helen Prejean - Susan Graham Joseph De Rocher - John Packard Mrs Patrick De Rocher - Frederica Von Stade Her 19-Year-Old Son - Eli Borggraefe Her 14-Year-Old Son - Mario Sawaya Sister Rose - Theresa Hamm-Smith Anthony De Rocher - David Tenenbaum Howard Boucher – Gary Rideout Jade Boucher - Catherine Cook Owen Hart - Robert Orth Kitty Hart - Nicolle Foland Father Grenville - Jay Hunter Morris George Benton - John Ames A Motor Cop - David Okerlund First Prison Guard - David Okerlund Second Prison Guard - Philip Horst A Paralegal - Jim Croom Sister Lillianne - Sally Mouzon Sister Catherine - Virginia Ruth A Mother - Rachel Perry First Inmate - Richard Walker Second Inmate - David Harper Third Inmate - David Kekuewa Fourth Inmate - Frederick Winthrop Fifth Inmate - Frederick Matthews Mrs Charlton - Donita Volkwijn Jimmy Chailton - Jeremy Singletary Boy - Sean San Jose Girl - Dawn Walters Schoolchildren, Mothers, Prison Inmates, Lawyers, Prison Guards CD 1: 01. Prelude 02. Prologue Act One Scene 1: Hope House 03. “He Will Gather Us Around” Sister Helen, Sister Hose, Sister Lillianne, Sister Catherine, Children, Mothers Scene 2: The Drive To Angola State Prison 04. “Be Careful”, People Have Always Told Me Sister Helen, Motor Cop 05. Aria: This Journey. This Journey To Christ Sister Helen Scene 3: Outside Of Angola State Penitentiary 06. Sister Helen? I've Been Waiting For You Father Grenville, Sister Helen Scene 4: Father Grenville's Office 07. Some Of Them Didn't Look So Bad Sister Helen, Father Grenville 08. I Don't Like That Man Sister Helen, Warden Scene 5: The Walk Through Death Row 09. Woman On The Tier! Guards, Inmates, Warden, Sister Helen Scene 6: The Death Row Visiting Room 10. Thank You Sister Helen, Warden, Joseph 11. Aria: A Warm Night Joseph, First Guard, Sister Helen Scene 7: The Pardon Board Hearing 12. The Defendant's Mother, Mrs. Patrick De Rocher Paralegal, Joseph's Brothers, Joseph's Mother, Owen Hart Scene 8: The Parking Lot Outside The Courthouse 13. It's A Good Sign When They Take So Long Sister Rose, Sister Lillianne, Joseph's Mother, Sister Catherine, Sister Helen, Owen And Kitty Hart, Howard And Jade Boucher 14. Sextet: You Don't Know What It's Like To Bear A Child Owen And Kitty Hart, Howard And Jade Boucher, Sister Helen, Joseph's Mother 15. It Is The Decision Of This Pardon Board Paralegal, Sister Rose, Sister Helen Scene 9: The Death Row Visiting Room 16. Guess Your Nun Ain't Comin' Back, De Rocher First Guard, Sister Helen, Joseph Scene 10: The Waiting Room Excuse Me. Do You Have Any Change? Sister Helen, Second Guard 17. “He Will Gather Us Around” Children, Sisters, Inmates, Joseph, Motor Cop, Joseph's Mother, Owen And Kitty Hart, Howard And Jade Boucher, Sister Helen, Father Grenvlle, Warden CD 2: Act Two 01. Prelude Scene 1: Joseph's Cell 02. 31... 32... 33 Joseph, First Guard, Inmates Scene 2: Sister Helen's Bedroom 03. Oh!... Now And At The Hour Of Our Death. Amen Sister Helen, Sister Rose 04. Duet: Sometimes Forgiveness Is In The Smallest Gesture Sister Rose, Sister Helen Scene 3: Joseph's Cell. August 4 In The Evening Well? Well? Inmates 05. What Time Is It? Joseph, Siser Helen, First Guard, Warden Scene 4: The Visiting Room 06. Wow! Those New Ford Mustangs Are So Cool Joseph's Brothers, Joseph's Mother, Joseph, Sister Helen, Guards 07. Aria: Don't Say A Word Joseph's Mother, Joseph, Sister Helen 08. Who Will Walk With Me? Sister Helen Scene 5: Outside The Death House 09. Good Evening Sister Helen, Howard And Jade Boucher, Kitty And Owen Hart, Guard 10. Duet: I've Said Some Harsh Things Owen Hart, Sister Helen Scene 6: Joseph's Holding Cell 11. You're A Regular Illustrated Man, De Rocher First Guard, Second Guard Scene 7: The Confession 12. How Much Longer? How Much More Time? Joseph, Sister Helen 13. We'd Been Drinkin' And Smokin' Weed At The Road House Joseph, Sister Helen, Warden, Father Grenville Scene 8: The Execution 14. Dead Man Walking! Warden. Joseph, Sister Helen, Father Grenville, Kitty And Owen Hart, Jade And Howard Boucher, Guards, Sisters And Mothers Of The Prayer Vigil, Inmates 15. “He Will Gather Us Around” Sister Helen 16. Applause

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