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Receive sensitivity up to -107dB; Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz (Special frequency can be customized according to customer requirements); Voltage: 3V; Low power consumption 5.0V @ 433.92MHz 3.8-4.1mA5.0V @315MHz2.5-2.8mA; Continuous data transfer rate to 2.4 K (Manchester code); Good selectivity and capable of suppressing stray radiation easily through the CE/Fcc international certification; Good ability of the vibration radiation suppression several receiving modules to work together do not interfere with each other used together will not affect the receiving distance; Temperature range: -30~85degree centigrade even under the harsh environment temperature can work normally; Size: 12 x 10.5 x 5.00mm; Range of application: Auto remote control door switch (RKE); Remote control door opener; Wireless security alarm system; Wireless doorbell; Wireless controller; Wireless data transmission.
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