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The results show that vitiligo are quite prevalent and constitute a major psychological health problem in Bangladesh. The occurrence of diabetes mellitus, liver function test, renal function test, hypertension related to lipid profile and others biochemical test like uric acid, hemoglobin and specially performed T3, T4, TSH for thyroid diseases were more frequent among the patients. Particularly thyroid diseases and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus had a great interrelation with vitiligo. Significant change in serum total protein among the patients of age group below 10 and 11-20 years was observed. No major changes were observed for ALT, AST, ALP, TC, HDL, TG and LDL. Disease incidence was the highest 44% among 11-20 years age group. In the case of sex incidence the female patients were 56%; on the other hand male recorded 44%. The students were the highest percentage (48%) suffering with vitiligo. The lesion of the vitiligo patients was seen 85% on the exposed parts of the body. Family history was the most important and 32% patients told that they had prior family history. Eighty percent patients expressed that most of the persons avoid them for marital relationship.

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