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Jack and Deb are one of those golden New York couples. Jack is a sculptor--charming and vain in equal measure--whose controversial work has won him attention and admirers. Deb was a ballet dancer before the arrival of two children gave her an excuse to quit an already waning career. In the years since, she has mostly avoided coming face-to-face with the weaknesses of the man she married, putting her energy into raising increasingly withdrawn 15-year old Simon and still heartbreakingly innocent 11-year-old Kay. Until a disturbing package arrives in the mail: hidden in a plain-looking manuscript box are many months worth of intimate emails chronicling Jack's affair with a troubled young woman. This anonymous package was addressed to Deb; horrifyingly, it is first opened by Kay. So begins this dazzlingly constructed, alternately wrenching and mordant novel. At the center of Julia Pierpont's universe is a piercing, unforgettable understanding of the bonds of family life, how brittle they can sometimes be, and how resilient. This book announces the arrival of a startling new talent.

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