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Percentage of Haemolytic anaemia is high. These patients are unnoticed. Many times patients of anaemia are taken lightly as a case of general debility. Early diagnosis of cause, helps to prevent and to take care of the patients. The present study carried out to see the frequency of haemolytic anaemia to know their etiological factors and their percentage in this region of Marathwada (India). Knowledge of frequency of different etiological factors is essential for the information of magnitude and treatment of patients. Total seventy six patients were investigated for the study. Routine investigations like Hb estimation, peripheral blood smear examination, reticulocyte count and special investigations like sickling test, Hb solubility test, estimation of faetal Hb, coomb's test and Hb-Electrophoresis were carried out. Out of 76, 51 were male & 25 were female. Patients were in the age group 5 months to 45 years. Out of 76 patients, 51 were diagnosed as of Haemolytic anaemia due to different etiology.Clinicians should be aware of this magnitude of Haemolytic anaemia, their etiological factors to teach & treat the patients. Health education should be given to increase health awareness.

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