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This Glow in the Dark Stars Stickers can absorb light and glows in the darkness. Can be used the wall, ceilings, and any smooth surface. Great decoration for bedrooms, nursery rooms, kid's room etc. Easy to apply, remove, reposition, and reuse without leaving damage or residue. Gives your home a fresh look and creates an enchanting and relaxing atmosphere. Features How does it work Glow in the dark stars use a type of phosphors that is energized using light. It stores this light and slowly shines this light back as a glow. Removable Easy removal thanks to high-quality adhesive putty included. Get kids into bed more easily Starry sky in your little ones' bedroom could comfort kid who is afraid of the dark. Improve sleep and relax A beautiful night sky in your room can provide just the restful image you need to relax and sleep better. The glowing power By simply exposing them to sunlight or a bedside lamp. After absorbing light, they will be brighter. So it is a good idea to paste them around the wall lamp. Reusable Turn on the light to re-charge phosphorescent wall stickers again and again. Application Ideal for applying on doors,lamps,household articles,bedroom ceilings, and any smooth, clean surface. Instruction 1.First time, please let stars absorb sunlight or LED lights enough time so that they can shine glow in the night. 2.Please turn off all lights source so that the room enough dark! 3.please don't stick the stars on the window, we suggest you stick them on the dark ceiling and wall. Specifications Features Removable Material PVC Type Glow in the Dark Stars Dimension 3 x 3cm(1.18 x 1.18inch) Package Included 100 x Stars
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