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rechargeable 4 ch r c helicopter w gyroscope yellow black ir remote 6 x aa купить по лучшей цене

It’s time for some fun another great addition to the DX helicopter family has arrived. This is a wonderful military style R/C helicopter to fly around and pass some time. Nothing is more fun than teasing and chasing your pets and friends than with a flying toy. The S108G is a 3 channel R/C with 3 frequencies allowing you to play with multiple copters in the same area. It has an awesome control range of 10 meters and is extremely stable with its built in gyro. It can quickly be charge by USB and only takes 30 minutes. It has a typical flight time of 5 minutes and is great fun for anyone. Built-in is a large 180mAh rechargeable battery. Included is a spare tail rotor for those more serious crashes. This helicopter is priced to go and ready to fly to your door at no extra cost. Fast free shipping is just one of the perks you can experience when shopping at DX. - Model: S108G - Color: Black + Grey - Frequency: A/B/C - 3-CH with IR remote control (6 x AA/not included) - Control range of the helicopter: up to 10 meters - Charged by USB port - Charging time: 30 minutes - Up to 2~5 minutes typical flight time per charging - Built-in 3.7V/180mAh lithium battery - Package includes: - 1 x Helicopter - 1 x IR remote controller - 1 x Tail wing - 1 x USB charging cable - 1 x Chinese/English manual
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