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Tyree Larn was only a baby when bandits murdered his parents and left him for dead. After spending fifteen years growing up in a prison-like orphanage, Tyree decides it is time to make his own way in the world and hits the trail, trying his hand at chasing down outlaws with bounties on their heads--like the killers who destroyed his family. When the upstart bounty hunter arrives in Sweetwater, Wyoming, he makes the acquaintance of Marshal Frederick Hitch. The lawman soon finds himself liking the mysterious, bold Tyree, and offers his help in the youngster's quest. So does Aces Connor, a cowboy and cardsharp who has a reputation with a six-shooter. Learning that the men who killed Tyree's parents are at an outlaw hideout known as Robbers Roost, high up in the Tetons, Tyree, Aces and Marshal Hitch set out to take down a gang of cutthroats once and for all.

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