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The South-West coastal zone of Bangladesh is actuated mainly by the alluvial deposit from Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghnn(GBM)river channels. The climatic conditions are naturally and mostly controlled by the river in this area. Seasonal floods, heavy rainfall, storm surge and tropical cyclones are common natural calamities in this area. This area is totally agape to the Bay of Bengal through a long coast line. For the geological setting; this area is vulnerable to any types of change, either it may natural or man-made. The changes of climate is mostly affecting the South-West coastal zone of Bangladesh from last two decades through the change of temperature, precipitation, evaporation, sunshine hour, humidity and most of the entire seasonal pattern. The changes of climatic conditions are acutely increasing the frequency of natural disaster and hazard. And all of these changes are creating a huge natural changes. Now a days some development works are active in this area to improve and sustain those changes; This book is looked for something different and alternative ways of development with total consistence and sustainability to adapt with these adamant natural changes.

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