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Gardening Grass Lawn Aerating Shoes Loosening Spikes It is a easy and economical way to improve the health of garden lawn. Aerating shoes comes with 13 hardened zinc plated and 5cm spikes on each shoes. The shoes are made from durable plastic with rear heel kick to knock off the dirt or grass build up. This will help the lawn get water, air and nutrients down to the roots zone of lawn. If you wear these while cutting the grass then you will be doing two jobs at once. Best helper for loosening the soil. Specification: Material: plastic + iron Color: green + black Shoe size: appr.29x13.2x6cm / 11.42x5.20x2.36" Shoelaces length: appr.65cm / 25.59" Feature: Easy to strap on Gives the roots much needed oxygen for grass 1330mm spikes on each shoe which can be unscrewed. One size fits all, straps to secure fitting Breath some life into the lawn Note: Keep out of the reach of children. Package Include: 1 x Lawn Shoe Aerator (Left) 1 x Lawn Shoe Aerator (Right) 4 x Black Shoelaces 26 x Nails Installation: Easy to strap on One size fits all, straps to secure fitting

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