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Making the decision to become a pet parent is one nobody should take lightly. Bringing a sentient, social being into a family requires much thought and commitment, with a full understanding of the responsibility involved. But many people jump into adopting a dog for emotional reasons and without the necessary knowledge of the specific dog’s needs, often with negative outcomes for both the human and the dog.  Being a Super Pet Parent is the antidote to this scenario — the comprehensive guidebook that addresses every pertinent topic a canine mom or dad needs to explore to give their dog the wonderful life they deserve. Whether you’re considering bringing a dog into your home, are a new parent, or have had a dog for years, you will find immense value in the author’s well-researched, experienced, loving tips and advice on all aspects of pet parenting including: * Exploring your motivation for wanting a dog in your life • The pathway to adoption or breeder • Building a caring, respectful connection • The commitment of time, money, and responsibility • Proper nutrition, exercise, and grooming • The importance of socialization and love-based training • Transitioning from pet parent to SUPER pet parent For anyone who wishes to foster a heart-centered, lifelong relationship with a dog where joy and love is given and received by all, Being a Super Pet Parent provides the roadmap for nurturing many years of faithful companionship and cherished memories with your bel...

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