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program ch2015 usb high speed programmer ssop8 to dip8 adapter 24 93 25 eeprom 25 spi flash usb programmer free shipping купить по лучшей цене

This is the latest released Professional SPI Flash High Speed programmer model in 2014! Model: ZSCH2014 SPI Flash high speed programming Serial 24 / 25 / 45 / 93 series programming Car DVD chip programming AV programming PDVD programming LCD TV programming DVB programming DPF programming MID EPC programming PMP programming MP5 GPS programming IC number Automatically Identification Description: Not necessary to connect to computers; off-line; the simplest one-button burning operations reduce production costs and production equipment ; read from SD \ MMC card and program burn in a unique way; eliminating the step of making the master chip; also work on IC 1 to 7 on the copy mode. IC number identify automatically: put IC into the master (MASTER) position and hold the [AUTO ] button for 5 seconds to start automatic scanning later corresponding IC brand and model will be updated automatically displayed on the monitor; for some models unsupported please use the button manually to select models. Software upgrading through the extension files in SD \ MMC card adding support for new models of SPI Flash. The machine provides a Versatile universal naming IC model for most SPI Flash when the card is in the data source you can use this model to copy . Easy to upload files. Only save files from SPI Flash to SD \ MMC card. Name the file FLASHPRO.BIN. Display the cumulative count of successful copies convenient batch counting. Support the current universal SPI FLASH chips: (SMD package SOP requires different packages purchased patch burning seats ) Amic; Atmel; Eon; Esmt; Excel; KH ST; GD; SST; Mxic ; Chingis; Silicon; Spansion Winbond; Saifun; NexFlash; 93xx; [ Eeprom their capacity to choose is compatible to be equipped with special adapter seat (DIP SMT) ] and so on . Professional device for professional man! Just take it and make your programming more professional!
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