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Video The Syma X5SW-1 RC Drone is a professional flying drone with a 2MP camera. With it, you can capture and record every unforgettable moment. Meanwhile, it also supports 360-degree rolling over, headless mode. Equipped with 4 channels and 6-Axis gyro, it can fly more stable and balanced. A 2.4Ghz remote control with powerful anti-interference ability can help you to control the drone better. What's more, the WiFi FPV function let you enjoy the real-time scenery on your smartphone from the Drone camera. WiFi FPV The Syma X5SW-1 can connect to your phone via a Wi-Fi signal and will stream a live view from the on-board camera to your smartphone, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery photographed by the drone camera. 6-Axis Gyro Build-in 6-Axis gyro, which can keep the stability and balance of the drone flight no matter indoor or outdoor. Fantastic 360-Degree Rolling Over The Syma X5SW-1 features 360-degree rolling over, so you can enjoy gorgeous flight for various directions. 2.4GHz Remote Control Easy to control the drone with the 2.4GHz remote control which guarantees stronger anti-interference performance and powerful signal. 2MP Camera Equipped with a 2MP camera, you can capture and record the beautiful scenery you want to remember. Smart Headless Mode When turning into headless mode, the drone would go directly from the requesting direction right away without turning side according to the remote control. Specification Product Name Remote Control Four Axis Drone Brand Syma Model X5SW-1 Color White, black Material ABS Battery 3.7V, 500mAh Product Size 31.5 x 31.5 x 10.5cm Configured Frequency 2.4GHz Flying Time 10min Charging Time 90min Remote Range 100M
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