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Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) units has became an important area of specialization in 1990’s in India because of its large scale use in industries, institutions and domestic. PVC has replaced almost entire market of galvanized iron and cast iron. With the kind of interest this subject was attracting, well written thesis, covering all aspects of PVC units was required. I have tried to fulfill this requirement through Problems and Prospects of PVC Units in Haryana. This thesis is aimed towards accomplishing the objective: (i) to identify the problems faced by PVC units (ii) to identify the prospects of PVC units. These objectives will have been accomplished if readers gain an understanding of PVC units in different functional areas. This thesis is divided into six chapters. Chapter 1 provides overview about the topic, its significance, objectives and scope of the study. Chapter 2 examines review of the literature with attention towards historical development of PVC, about Indian plastic industry, plastic statistics of India, products made up of PVC, standards used to test the quality of PVC material and products. Chapter 3 describes research methodology used to carry out the research.
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