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Description : BAKON 950D 75W Mini Portable Digital Soldering Station with 1pc T12 Tip An excellent innovation in the soldering industry. New Arrival Model. Smart portable design, saving working space~ Advantage: Rapid heating up, just need 8 seconds to melting tin; temperature calm down speed also very excellent~ With LCD temperature display, dynamic display the actual temperature. Using T12 series solder iron tips, Integrated design, very easy to replace. (Comes with one T12 K Type Tip for you :) Full accessoires, included Solder station, Handle, T12 Tip, and Mini Iron Stand for you. Customer Review: Features : Slim hand piece, good to grip,no fatigue for long soldering. The composite tip integrated with heating element and sensor offers improved thermo recovery. Uses turbine motor to achieve uniform hot air. Small and superb anti-static design with many functions. Applicable for reworking of mobile screen cover, BGA, SMD and other electronic components etc. Specification : Voltage AC : 110/ 220V 50/60Hz Plug Type : 220V with EU plug / 110V with US plug for option~ Temp. Range : 180 - 450 Max. Power : 75W Temp. Stability() : 2 Celsius degree Tip to ground resistance :
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