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Provides detailed procedures and useful hints on organometallic reactions of Cu, Rh, Ni, and Au With contributions from leading organic chemists who specialize in the use of organometallics in organic synthesis, this acclaimed Manual offers an especially valuable resource for all synthetic chemists, providing a practical reference for conducting transition metal–mediated synthetic reactions. This Fourth Manual is divided into four chapters: Chapter I: Organocopper Chemistry Chapter II: Organorhodium Chemistry Chapter III: Organonickel Chemistry Chapter IV: Organogold Chemistry Each of these newly written chapters features detailed, practical examples from the literature that guide readers through the preparation of organometallic reagents and their applications in organic synthesis. Procedures are presented in the Manual's acclaimed step-by-step recipe format, enabling both novices and experienced synthetic chemists to perform all the reactions with ease. In addition, the Manual features: Extensive background information on the organometallic chemistry of Cu, Rh, Ni, and Au References to the primary literature facilitating further investigation of all the reactions covered in the Manual Mechanistic considerations to help readers better understand how the desired products are formed Future research opportunities for each organometallic class Organometallics in Synthesis provides extensive and detailed information enabling synthetic chemists to readily assess the applicability of a synthetic method to a given need, and then to perform the reaction with confidence. The Manual covers both established organometallic procedures along with the most recently published protocols. Industrial processes are increasingly relying on organometallic chemistry. In this Manual, readers will find applications to such fields as natural products total synthesis, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, biotechnology, agricultural science, polymers, and materials science.

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