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power supply for dps 500gb b 500w 1u well tested working купить по лучшей цене

Model 12V 6A / 72W Material Aluminum alloy Color Silver Quantity 1 Piece Power Others72W Working Current 6 A Dimmable no Connector Type Others Emitter Type Others Color BIN Others Color Temperature Others K Other Features Lightweight and small volume; Working voltage range: AC 100~240V input can work normally; Safe and reliable; Excellent working performance; High-power switching power supply 5-10 seconds delay detection circuit design can well prevent the instantaneous output power is applied a high voltage instability thus preventing the load from the high-voltage shock (especially for LED lighting source reduce light failure caused by mutations in the operating voltage); With the protection of short circuit over-load over-voltage; Working efficiency: 82%; Convenient to install. Packing List 1 x Power converter
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