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Navo 150W Voltage Booster Module DC-DC Motor Laptop Portable Power Supply Adjustable 10~32V to 12~35V Converter Module Input Mode:IN+ positive; IN- negative. Output Mode: OUT+ positive; OUT+ negative. Wire Connection Mode: No-soldering with terminal. Input Voltage: 12~35V (Continuously adjustable within the range. Or choose randomly a stable voltage in the range.) Output Current: 6A (MAX) Input Current:10A (MAX). Please cool down when it is over 10A. Output Power: Naturally cool down in 100W (MAX); Cool down with a fan in 150W (MAX). Convert Efficiency: 94% (Calculated when input is 16V and output is 19V 2.5A. For reference.) Working Temperature: Industrial data in -40℃~+85℃.(When it reaches over 40℃ please decrease working or install a cooling fan.) Full-load Temperature:45℃ No-load Current: Typical 25mA Shot Circuit Protection: No Features: Suitable for you to DIY your adjustable output motor power module and it is adapted to supply power for your motor laptops or as a voltage booster charger. Support power for your electric equipment as well as system upgrade.
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