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portable bluetooth speaker wireless stereo music sound box support fm radio line in tf time alarm clock altavoz speakers купить по лучшей цене

This Leadstar MX-21 Bluetooth wireless speaker features wireless Bluetooth 4.2 technology to ensure high speed and stable transmission to get rid of bondage. Adopts 76mm 5W speaker, lets you enjoy super bass music. And it is with builtin mic, enables you to have hands-free calls which is very convenient and safe while you are busy. Bluetooth 4.2 Uses the very latest Bluetooth technology to maximize device compatibility and pairing speed. Booming Bass Dynamic and incredible sound quality performed by 76mm NdFeB 5W speakers with bass diaphragm for rich deep sound. Stereo Sound Produce dynamic bass, clarity mediant, and strong treble, enable you to enjoy wonderful music with extra bass speaker. Alarm Clock Design Can stand stably on the desk; the display is with a 25° inclination angle, providing you a comfortable and clear viewing angle. LED Display Show you the time, alarm and ect. Support to adjust the brightness, power saving. FM Radio You can listen to the radio at anytime, bring much fun for your life. 4 Playing Methods Support Bluetooth, TF card, U disk and aux in, enable you to enjoy your favorite music at any time. Alarm Easily set an alarm to ensure you will not be late to work. Rechargeable 2200mAh Battery Support up to 12 hours of playback time after a full charge. Remote Control You can use the remote control the speaker, convenient to operate. Specifications BrandLeadstar ModelMX-21 Bluetooth V4.2 Transmission Distance 10m Charging Voltage DC 5V SNR≥70dB Frequency Response Range 100Hz-20KHz FM radio Frequency Range 87-108MHz Battery Capacity 2200mA Output Power 5W 4Ω Product Size120 x 95 x 120 mm Package Contents 1 x Speaker
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