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portable 1 0 lcd digital infrared body thermometer 32 42 9 c 1 x cr2032 купить по лучшей цене

Description : Infrared Baby Kid Digital LCD Thermometer Non contact Handheld Body Surface Temperature Usage instruction : 1.Input the battery ( DC9V,6F22 battery) 2.Waiting for 10 min for the first time or just insert the battery 3.In case when it's not used for long time, it will detect the environment temperature first, do it will take one or two seconds more to switch on. 4.Focus on the forehead and keep 5-15cm distance then press the button to start testing.It will display testing result data within one second. Be sure there is no hair, sweat, cosmetic or hat to cover the forehead. Specifications : Range of measurement: Body Temp.Mode : 32.0~42.5CC (89.0~108.5F) Surface Temp.Mode : 0~100C (32~212F) Accuracy: 0.3C(0.45F) Measurement distance : 5 to 15cm (2 to 5.9") Data format solution : 0.1C (0.1F) Ambient Temp. : 10~40C (50~104F) Storage Temp. : 0~50C (32~122F) Relative Humidity RH% : 85% Auto-shutdown time : About 7s Power supply : DC9V (6F22 battery) Dimension : 150 x 75 x 40mm Package includes : 1 x Baby Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer 1 x 9V Battery 1 x English User Manual Detail Pictures :
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