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Brand PointPurple Model D&Z-30WY Quantity 1 piece(s) Color Goldenrod Material FPC Emitter Type 3528 SMD LED Chip Type QiMei Total Emitters 30 Light Color White / Yellow Input Voltage 12 V Power 2 W Luminous Flux 230 lm Color Temperature 6500 K Wavelength Yellow light 585 nm Connector Type Wired Waterproof Yes Waterproof Rate IP66 Application Decoration light Other Features Multi-functional can be as a decoration light steering light and running light; Black cable for negative pole; 2 red cables for positive pole; One stable light is white can used as the reversing light or driving light the other can connect to the steering light the color is yellow when the steering light is working the white light will turn off Packing List 1 x Lamp (25cm-cable)
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