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EXPLORE-NFC is a high performance full NFC compliant expansion board that is compatible for use with the Raspberry Pi*. Based on the NXP PN512 solution EXPLORE-NFC meets compliance with Reader mode P2P mode and Card emulation standards. The board features an integrated high performance antenna is supported by libnfc and offers a flexible SPI interface. Features: High performance full NFC compliant expansion board for the Raspberry Pi. Based on NXP PN512 a NFC forum compliant IC and meets compliance with all 3 NFC modes (Reader P2P and Card Emulation). Reader mode supports 4 NFC tag types and NXP M-IFARE proprietary commands. Software available at www.element14com/exploreNFC. Flexible interface selection (SPI or I2C) software currently supports SPI. Integrated high performance antenna. Complete with M-IFARE RFID card.

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